Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky of V.I. Vernadsky CFU

V.I. Vernadsky Crimean
Federal University


The Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky is a structural subdivision of V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University. The Medical Academy includes 56 departments, 38 of which are clinical departments executing training on the following programmes:

  • 31.05.01. General Medicine. Level: Specialist’s.
  • 31.05.02. Pediatrics. Level: Specialist’s.
  • 31.05.03. Dentistry. Level: Specialist’s.
  • 33.05.01. Pharmacy. Level: Specialist’s.
  • 38.04.04. Public and Municipal Administration. Level: Master’s.

Besides, the Clinical Residency (Clinical Ordinature) programmes with training in 32 licensed specialties are functioning in the Academy.
There are 6 faculties in the Academy:

  • The First Medical Faculty
  • The Second Medical Faculty
  • The Stomatological Faculty
  • The Pharmacological Faculty
  • The International Faculty
  • The Faculty of Post-diploma Education (FPE)

At the current period of time only General Medicine programme is carried-out in English-medium. Training of the rest programmes is executed in Russian-medium. For those foreigners who want to study on the above-mentioned programmes as well as to prepare for training on General Medicine specialty in a more thorough way, the Preparatory Department is operating at the Medical Academy where foreigners will be able to master general educational programmes of bio-medical orientation in Russian-medium.
The Faculty of Postgraduate Training and Further Professional training offers a number of Internship, Clinical Residency, Master’s programs, Professional Development and Retraining courses.


History of the Medical Academy goes back to the beginning of the 21st century: in 1918 it was a medical faculty of Taurida University. In 1998 it became a university with the 4th (highest) accreditation level.

Throughout these years the Medical Academy has been a center for academic and vocational medical education and medical science in Crimea at the same time offering specialized consultations in the directions of General Medicine and Pharmacy.

Today, it is an educational and scientific centre following global trends in medical education and research, developing its intellectual potential and providing top specialists for medical services. The Academy has always been striving for excellence in teaching and research.


The high level of our students’ education is provided by a strong teaching staff: over 700 experts including 165 Doctors of Sciences and 665 PhDs. Stable development of scientific schools and long-term scientific directions is fullfilled in the conditions of active international cooperation with medical faculties, scientific research institutes, scientific centres and leading laboratories of many countries. Belarus, France, Germany, Austria, UK, Sweden, Poland, USA, Canada, India, Malaysia are among partners of mutual scientific programmes. Collaborators of the Academy work with foreign partners in 16 international and 13 state programmes. The excellence in MA programme teaching has been recognized by General Medical Council, Medical Council of India (MCI).


International students are a valued and important part of the Medical Academy. Since 1999 English has been the second language of instruction, and that makes Medical Academy attractive for foreign citizens coming here to study. More than 4000 students are currently training in Medical Academy, 1700 of who are foreign citizens from 45 countries. The University provides all the possibilities for students and lecturers to realize their aspirations. Major holidays in the countries from which our international students come, are also celebrated in the university. A beautiful and well-equipped House of Culture of Vernadsky CFU for more than 700 people hosts such events as Dipavali, Holi, Chinese New Year, alongside with Faculties Days, graduation balls, days of the Russian language, Food Festival, etc.


Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky of Vernadsky CFU has one of the finest and most well-equipped campuses in Russia with safe, secure and modern accommodation. The university has 5 hostels inside its campus, 4 out of which are allocated especially for international students. The rooms have been designed as per European standards, with ensuite bathrooms. There are separate male and female blocks. The hostel is centrally heated and within walking distance from the Academy. There are kitchens, self-study rooms, elevators and all modern amenities in each hostel.


There are countless reasons to join the top university of Crimea like Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky of Vernadsky CFU, and a few of them are:

  • Medical Academy enjoys an exceptional national and international reputation in teaching and research. Teaching is delivered by those who are actively involved in world-class research and is shaped by the latest discoveries.
  • Our students have cleared the MCI screening test with 100 % success, that proves high quality of education.
  • Medical Academy is truly an international educational establishment. Almost 1800 students from about 45 countries makes it a cosmopolitan hub where students may feel themselves global citizens.
  • The tuition fee is student-friendly and offers a good value for money, being one of the lowest in Europe.

Director of Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky of Vernadsky CFU

Professor Krutikov Evgeny Sergeevich
Address: Lenina Blvd 5/7, Main Campus Building, Room No. 110, Simferopol, Republic of Crimea, Russian Federation
Tel.: +73652554911
Fax: +73652271547, +73652272092
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