Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia comprises 6 faculties, 10 institutes and 1 academy. There are the following faculties at RUDN University:

  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Science
  • Ecological Faculty
  • Faculty of Russian language and General Educational Disciplines
  • Philological Faculty

There are the following institutions and academy at RUDN University:

  • Educational-scientific Institute of comparative educational policy
  • Institute of World Economy and Business
  • Academic Research Institute of Gravitation and Cosmology
  • Institute of Foreign Language
  • Agrarian and Technological Institute
  • Institute of Medicine
  • The Institute of Biomedical Technology
  • Hotel Business and Tourism Institute
  • Law Institute
  • RUDN Institute of Biochemical Technology and Nanotechnology
  • The Academy of Engineering

An English-medium training is provided on the following educational programmes:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Veterinary
  • Law
  • International law
  • Tourism
  • Hotel management
  • Service
  • Linguistics. Theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages and cultures.
  • Linguistics. Translation and translation theory.
  • Psychological and pedagogical education. Profile «Psychology and social pedagogy»
  • Overseas regional studies. Profile «European studies – Europe»
  • Economics. Profile «World Economy»
  • Economics. Profile «International economic security»
  • Management. Profile «International management»
  • Advertising and public relations. Profile «Public relations»
  • Advertising and public relations. Profile «Advertising»

Study on all the other programmes is carried out in Russian Medium. But all the international students pass through the preparatory/foundation course where during one year they receive accelerated courses of the Russian language and the necessary scientific language for their future studies.


The University was founded on 5th February, 1960 by the USSR Government. On 22nd February, 1961, the RUDN University was named after Patrice Lumumba — one of the symbols of the African peoples’ fight for independence. Students and academics could be free to pursue their learning, teaching, and research activities at, without being subject to political context, but firmly directed to the grand principles of friendship and mutual support. On February 5, 1992, by the decision of the Government of Russia, the University was renamed to Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. For its 58-year history, the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia has gained worldwide fame and won a well-deserved reputation as a classical university, which for many years occupies the highest places among the best Russian universities and is rapidly rising in international rankings.

Academic life

The qualitative education is provided by the teaching staff of the University which consists of 2800 lecturers and professors, 1500 of who are PhDs, Doctors of Sciences and Academicians.

RUDN University offers any specialization e.g. technical, scientific, medical, economic, humanitarian, etc. Engineers, lawyers, doctors, diplomats, financiers, agrarians, physicists, mathematicians, linguists, journalists are taking a degree in RUDN University.

The University has everything for mastering science during the study days: one can research, experiment, invent. RUDN University has over 200 laboratories, 3 shared knowledge centres with modern equipment, annual scientific conferences, grants, scholarships, joint scientific projects with leading foreign institutions of higher education, researches of federal and global scale. In RUDN University an ambitious student has an opportunity to become a theoretically and practically advanced specialist.

Training and professionally oriented practice in the leading Russian and international companies, participation in Career Days and meeting employers give a great opportunity to receive an interesting job offer and launch a career while studying at university.

International students

From about 20000 students training at RUDN University there are 8000 international students of 500 nationalities from more than 155 countries. Foreign students are organized in students associations by country and regions. The university has a cooperative, friendly tone, the one of respect and mutual assistance. Here everyone can make a «world tour» without leaving the campus.


RUDN University students are accommodated in two types of hostels:
• Five-story buildings
• High-rise buildings
In five-story buildings, all rooms are designed for 2-3 people. There are a toilet, wash basin and kitchen on each floor. Shower cabins, laundry, ironing rooms and a luggage room are located on the ground floor. There are also double superior rooms with an improved layout, bathroom, refrigerator, TV, the possibility of connecting additional household appliances in agreement with the University.
High-rise buildings are apartment dormitories designed for comfortable accommodation of 2-3 people. Apartments are of 1-4 rooms. Each apartment has a bathroom and a toilet. The kitchen is on the floor (9,10,11 blocks) or in the apartment (12,13,14 block). All high-rise buildings are equipped with elevators.

Why study at RUDN University

  • Since 2007 RUDN University graduates have been receiving a European Diploma Supplement recognized all over the world.
  • RUDN University offers its students 12 foreign languages for learning – traditional European, Eastern (Chinese, Arabic, Persian) and also Russian as a foreign language.
  • There are no borders for RUDN University students: exchange and training programs, «joint degree» programs with foreign institutions of higher education and international conferences, summer schools and training.
  • Students keen on art can bring their talents to light in singing, folklore, dancing, acting schools, on TV and in a poetic coterie, in a debates school, an intellectual club, in multifunctional sports and recreation centre at RUDN University.
  • RUDN University campus is a real city in the city. Academic and housing buildings, sport facilities and several stadiums, a clinic, a library, a culture centre, numerous cafés for any taste are within walking distance on the territory of 50 hectares.


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